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Do you want to know what’s going on in Crisfield? Our website provides you with local news on events, politics, entertainment, and more!

We provide you with local news updates on what’s happening in Crisfield, MD. It is very important to receive news updates about local events in Crisfield, education, entertainment, food, politics, and other trending topics that are impacting residents in the Chesapeake Bay area! City of Crisfield is where you should visit to receive updates on Crisfield (MD), which has been referred to as “The Seafood Capital of the World.” We love Crisfield, MD! Our inspiration for this website came from us all growing up in Crisfield. Starting from elementary school, we all loved our English and creative writing classes. Throughout college, we continued writing many articles and stories for our college newspapers. We created this website to keep you up to speed on Crisfield news, and our goal is to also share national news, which may have a small or a significant influence on your life decisions and people that are close to you. Continue to check out our website for updates on important news that’s impacting the people of Crisfield, MD and others across the United States.

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