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Maryland Isn’t Putting Up With ICE Raids: How One State Is Pushing Back

Even though Baltimore’s searing temperatures reached more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend, that didn’t stop over one hundred protestors from chanting, singing, and marching against the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Artscape, one of the largest free arts festivals in the nation, became the stage for the newest anti-ICE protest held by the […]

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Controlling The Cold Chain: Transporting Temperature-Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

The U.S alone holds over 45% of the global pharmaceutical market. Our nation is responsible for guaranteeing the quality and efficacy of these vital products, from vaccines to diabetes medications. Unfortunately, many pharmaceuticals are dependent on strict temperature controls in order to remain effective, and not all cities and towns are nearby the manufacturing locations; […]

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Proposal to Ban Polystyrene Foam in Maryland Faces Rejection from the House

The Baltimore City Council has approved a ban on plastic foam containers for carryout food and drinks, giving vendors 18 months to completely phase out the containers. Could the entire state of Maryland be next? Shortly after the city council unanimously passed the bill, the General Assembly proposed a bill to prohibit polystyrene materials from […]

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Maryland Governor Offers Financial Assistance for Those Who Upgrade Septic Systems

Numerous homes today rely on septic tanks and systems to handle their home’s wastewater. Upkeep and maintenance are critical to keeping everything in good working order, which is why septic pumping companies are an important part of general home care and upkeep. These local pros can teach you all about septic services that are available […]

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Possible Pay Increase for Maryland Teachers on the Horizon

Maryland teachers may see a pay increase in the future. Increases in teacher salaries, as well as the creation of a statewide career ladder, are among the top recommendations a statewide commission on school funding will make to the legislature. Additionally, the¬†Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education, in charge with overseeing a wide range […]

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Gov. Hogan Announce ‘Excel Maryland’, Reaffirms Commitment to Tech Startups

Governor Larry Hogan launched a new initiative this May called Excel Maryland; it’s part of a new economic development strategy focused on promoting both life sciences and cybersecurity startups. Ultimately, Hogan hopes that supporting these industries will lead to new jobs and opportunities for Maryland residents. Hogan announced the new initiative at the Hilton Baltimore […]

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Maryland Gets B on National Report Card, Taxpayers Call For More Funding

Well, the results are in. In a nationwide report card that rated public schools around the nation, Maryland received a B. The survey was completed by Education Week Magazine and puts the Maryland public school system as fifth in the nation for overall education quality. Massachusetts grabbed the number one spot, followed by New Jersey, […]