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Maryland Refuses to Grant Permit for Planned Baltimore Crude Oil Terminal

The state Department of the Environment recently denied a Houston-based company’s application to permit crude oil shipments through its port of Baltimore terminal in Fairfield, citing a potential safety threat to nearby residents. According to a June 3 Baltimore Sun article, the Department of the Environment said it will require more information from Targa Resources, the Houston-based […]

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Chesapeake Bay Still Recovering From Pollution, Environmental Damage

The environment of the Chesapeake Bay region, which has long been plagued by pollution and overfishing, is slowly recovering — but still suffers from a steadily growing population and the increased threats of rising sea levels, warmer water temperatures and expanding urban development, reports show. According to a February 3 Reuters article, the 2013-14 environmental […]


Two Degree Temperature Increase From AC Units Has Heavy Impact

Arizonians are staring down a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle. The weather in Phoenix has been unprecedentedly scorching, with temperatures rising as high as 110°F–10 degrees hotter than last year’s average. Naturally as a result, people are going to turn their air conditioning on full blast. The problem here, according to Arizona State University research, is that […]