Cambridge’s New Liv Again Taps into 2014’s Return to Kooky Interior Design


Cambridge, Maryland locals are preparing for the grand opening of one of the area’s funkiest little shops. Liv Again, a home decor and design shop, is set to open for the first time on August 9, giving residents a shot at funky, eclectic, and cool art, furniture, and a number of other decor pieces that can bring new life into any home.

Liv Again’s owners, Jermaine Anderson and Adrian Holmes, not only want to offer products that make a home look and feel exciting and fresh, they also want to give people the tools they need to design and redesign their homes at a moment’s notice. Subsequently, Liv Again will host regular design classes, live entertainment, and self-help workshops, giving Cambridge locals the tools they need to improve their homes and their lives.

Liv Again is Part of the Year of Out There Interior Design
An estimated 71% of American homeowners will look for ways to improve their interior design this year, with approximately 56% planning to spend over $1,000 on design services and new decor to make their vision a reality. What homeowners are spending their money on this year, however, is a bit different from the last decade or so.

Interior design and decoration trends skew more toward the unusual or eclectic, making a storefront like Liv Again a smart idea for entrepreneurs. In particular, homeowners are looking to fuse their indoor living space with outdoor concepts, implement so-called ethnically inspired patterns and colors into the home, and bring natural wood tones into their favorite spaces. Once it’s opened, Liv Again aims to help homeowners take advantage of all of these hot design trends.

Have you incorporated any strange design trends into your spaces? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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