New Sunglasses Made Out of Hemp


When you shop for sunglasses, you can typically only choose frames made out of plastic or metal, but one company is crafting sunglasses out of a third, more sustainable choice: hemp.

The new line of sunglasses called Hemp Eyewear are the brainchild of Sam Whitten, his research into hemp and its potential application led to the discovery of the composite fiber material, which is also impregnated with an eco friendly binder.

“Industrial hemp has been the world’s super crop for centuries, used for everything from textiles in clothes to parts for cars,” Hemp Eyewear writes on its site. “It is the strongest plant fibre in the world and is a more sustainable material than even wood.”

And as it turns out, is also perfect for sunglasses. The hemp composite is compressed and molded under heat into the shape of the frames, and are then cured and treated with a sustainable resin, which waterproofs them and adds some extra strength.

Naturally, the sunglasses should also provide 98-100% UV protection, which keeps wearers’ eyes away from real danger.

“We believe this incredible material should be used to create more sustainable and eco-friendly products, and that is why we have used it to make our sunglasses,” their website reads. “At Hemp® we use this material to make the only hemp sunglasses available, setting us apart in a competitive industry.”

The estimated launch date for the first Hemp Eyewear products is early next year. However, the company is working on a promotional offer that will come out around Christmas.

If you’re interested in getting your own pair of super-sustainable eyeglasses and want to help them hit the market, head over to the website and submit a pre-order.

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