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Who’s Leaving Behind All the Trash on Delmarva Rivers and Beaches?

The summer recreation season brings in tourists, fish and game enthusiasts, and money for local businesses here in Crisfield, but unfortunately, many of those visitors will leave behind trash and litter when they go. And by summer’s end, many nearby beaches and wetland habitats will be in desperate need of cleaning, just one of the […]

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Maryland Live Casino Launches New Jackpot Slot Machine Game, Starting May 28, To Lure Gamblers

Maryland Live Casino has recently announced the launch of its new promotional game, Giant Jackpots, which begins May 28. Capital GazetteĀ states that the game is the casino’s way of attracting more players to the slot machines, since the majority of gamblers at Maryland Live seem to be drawn to the card tables. Giant Jackpots will […]

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Baltimore Likely To Suffer Years of Negative Economic Impacts After A Few Days of Rioting

As rioters took to the streets in Baltimore following the funeral of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, local politicians and news stations have increasingly become aware of the decades-long civil unrest that allowed the situation to escalate. The arrest and fatal spinal injuries — injuries allegedly inflicted by the arresting officers — of Gray, a black resident […]

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Visit Crisfield, Seafood City

Hatchetfish Blacksmelt barreleye, “yellowbelly tail catfish rockfish morwong, needlefish bango.” Blacksmelt lizardfish dusky grouper scorpionfish roundhead ilisha zebra oto, “french angelfish dory,” ghoul. Chub lemon shark darter sand knifefish channel catfish cuckoo wrasse, long-finned char grunt sculpin sand stargazer sandburrower, ribbon eel swamp-eel rock bass? Barbeled dragonfish whitetip reef shark.” Sea catfish Australian lungfish queen […]