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Maryland Live Casino Launches New Jackpot Slot Machine Game, Starting May 28, To Lure Gamblers

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Maryland Live Casino has recently announced the launch of its new promotional game, Giant Jackpots, which begins May 28.

Capital Gazette states that the game is the casino’s way of attracting more players to the slot machines, since the majority of gamblers at Maryland Live seem to be drawn to the card tables.

Giant Jackpots will start with a jackpot worth $50,000, and because it increases every time someone plays a slot machine, the casino estimates that the jackpot will hit $100,000 in just a few days. The casino has reportedly guaranteed that there will be at least one winner between May 28 – 31, and it’s estimated that there will be one winner every six weeks.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Live spent 7.1% of $586 million revenue (which comes out to equal about $41.6 million on promotional play; Robert Norton, the president and general manager of Maryland Live, has explained that promotional games are a “reinvestment.”

Although any free gift is likely to make a gambler “feel special,” to use Norton’s words, but it’s the bigger gifts, like a trip to the Super Bowl, which attract the most attention.

Of course, a chance at winning a six-figure jackpot sounds just as enticing, and that’s exactly what Maryland Live is going for.

However, it’s worth noting that Maryland Live probably wouldn’t attract so much attention from gamblers if players realized just how many restrictions and taxes are placed on these lottery payments. A six-figure jackpot isn’t exactly what winners end up bringing home — especially if they’ve spent a lot of money on games before winning.

Hopefully, Maryland Live doesn’t just attract more players, but attracts players who know how to invest their money wisely.

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