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Crisfield Finds Innovative Way to Fund City Government

Drunk driving is a poor life decision that affects many more people than just the driver. Roughly 37%¬†of all traffic-related deaths in the United States were the result of alcohol-related accidents. Law enforcement agencies across the country are working to reduce the instances of people driving while intoxicated by setting up checkpoints, enforcing existing laws […]

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Johns Hopkins Medicine Works with CDC to Produce Video Series on Effective Ebola Treatment

To increase preparedness for hospital staff, Johns Hopkins Medicine has released four web-based training modules to help emergency departments treat patients with Ebola or other infectious diseases. The series, entitled “Ebola Preparedness: Emergency Department Guidelines,” helps workers to identify, triage and manage the care of patients who come in and may have Ebola. The videos […]


Israeli Crowdfunding Organization Heads to Maryland

In recent years, crowdfunding has become a popular practice among entrepreneurs and casual investors. Thanks to websites like Kickstarter, business owners and other individuals can raise small amounts of money for virtually any type of project by collecting money from the online community. Now, Maryland businesses have yet another funding option, although its source is […]

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Maryland May Clear the Air of Smoke and Electronic Cigarette Vapor if Clean Indoor Air Act Amendment Passes

Maryland’s Clean Indoor Air Act already bans cigarette smoking in public places. But now the state’s lawmakers aim to clear the air even more by banning the use of electronic cigarettes, as well. Although electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are catching on as a trendy and purportedly safe alternative to tobacco cigarettes, many local and state […]