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Berlin Man Buys $1M Powerball Ticket While Searching for Affordable Limes

Across the country, there are approximately 301,123 heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals providing their services — but only one of them would purchase a winning Powerball ticket worth $1 million earlier this month. According to a Jan. 13 CBS Baltimore article, the lucky HVAC employee in question was a Worcester County father of […]

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Baltimore Negotiating New Water Quality Improvement Plan After Missing Deadline and Continued Problems

UPDATED 11/20/20 What is the danger of improper sewage disposal? Industrial water treatment is a vital process. Depending on the water contamination, which varies with the facilities’ technologies, treating it can be a hassle. It entails the treating of water to make it suitable for a particular use. It can be for manufacturing, consumption, or […]

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Baltimore City Councilman Introduces Bill That Would Require Health Warnings on Sugary Drinks

In an effort to combat the disturbing trend of childhood obesity in Baltimore, a local politician has introduced a bill that would add warning labels to sugar-sweetened drinks.According to local news affiliate WBAL TV, Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby and City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen introduced the bill before the Baltimore City Council on […]

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New Study Reveals: Exercise May Reduce Heart Disease in Depressed People

Ask any health professional about exercise and they’ll tell you the countless benefits of an active lifestyle. Now exercise can add another benefit to the list: a new study reveals that exercise may reduce heart disease for people with depression. According to HealthDay News, the study compared depressed people who weren’t physically active with those […]