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For Your Health: New Studies Link Fractures and Decreased Bone Density

Two new studies show that breaking a bone not only reduces bone density near the fracture site but actually reduces bone density throughout the injured person’s body. According to Science Daily, the two studies from UC Davis may have finally explained the link between initial and secondary bone fractures. According to Blaine Christiansen, who lead […]

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Who’s Leaving Behind All the Trash on Delmarva Rivers and Beaches?

The summer recreation season brings in tourists, fish and game enthusiasts, and money for local businesses here in Crisfield, but unfortunately, many of those visitors will leave behind trash and litter when they go. And by summer’s end, many nearby beaches and wetland habitats will be in desperate need of cleaning, just one of the […]

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At 82 Years Old, San Antonio Woman Competes in International Tennis Tournaments, Teaches Sport to Others

Even though she is 82 years old, Margaret Canby says she feels 50. Her secret to staying young: keeping active through the sport of tennis. Canby has played tennis for more than 70 years, calling it “a sport you can play forever.” Her hobby has also allowed her the opportunity to travel all around the […]

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Circa 1920 Crisfield-built buyboat Winnie Estelle joins Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s floating fleet

The historic and the worldly known Chesapeake Bay buy boat “Winnie Estelle” has come to St. Michaels for providing scenic Miles River cruises seafood and other important things.  Actually, Estelle has arrived at Maritime Museum for joining the historic floating fleets of CBMM.  The museum officials said that Estelle has come to replace the replica of Master Jim which […]