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Circa 1920 Crisfield-built buyboat Winnie Estelle joins Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s floating fleet


The historic and the worldly known Chesapeake Bay buy boat “Winnie Estelle” has come to St. Michaels for providing scenic Miles River cruises seafood and other important things.  Actually, Estelle has arrived at Maritime Museum for joining the historic floating fleets of CBMM.  The museum officials said that Estelle has come to replace the replica of Master Jim which is on sale now.

They further said that presently our floating fleet include the Edna E. Lockwood; the 1912 river tug Delaware; the 1909 seven-log crab dredger Old Point, restored 1955 skipjack Rosie Parks; the 1889 nine-log bugeye, the 1961 tuck-stern, Jackson-built Pot Pie skiff and the 1934 dovetail Martha; the 1931 Potomac River dory boat.

On the other hand, Langley Shook the President of CBMM said that “we were fundraising for purchasing Estelle and we were really fortunate when a donor came to us and donated all money required for buying the boat”. The President further said that the donor did not allow us to disclose his name and the amount he donated to the museum.

Besides, it is said that Estelle would soon receive the status of charter vessel and she would be allowed to carry at least 45 passengers on board.  The boat will be operated by the volunteer and certified captains of USCG.

Last but not the least, the authorities said that Estelle would be used for commercial purposes and it would generate a good amount of profit for the museum.


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