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Crisfield Gets New Emergency Truck


There is good news for the people of Crisfield. Actually, the city Police has got 5 new trucks for meeting with weather emergency. It is said that these trucks will grossly help the authorities during the time of weather evacuation. The police department said in its press briefing that these trucks have been given by defense Logistics Agency for free.

Apart from this, Jerry Swift who is the city resident said to the media reporters that “I had driven the similar truck in the National Guard and I am really glad to know that our city will use these trucks for much emergency purposes”. He further said that “I have been a member of deparment of fire since a long time and these trucks will undoubtedly help such in rescue operations”.

On the other hand, Hinman another citizen of Crisfield said that “the trucks can be used for multiple purposes and they should not be considered as emergency trucks”.

Last but not the least, the only costs of these trucks to the city of Crisfield will be the expenses of tag.

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