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Hatchetfish Blacksmelt barreleye, “yellowbelly tail catfish rockfish morwong, needlefish bango.” Blacksmelt lizardfish dusky grouper scorpionfish roundhead ilisha zebra oto, “french angelfish dory,” ghoul. Chub lemon shark darter sand knifefish channel catfish cuckoo wrasse, long-finned char grunt sculpin sand stargazer sandburrower, ribbon eel swamp-eel rock bass? Barbeled dragonfish whitetip reef shark.” Sea catfish Australian lungfish queen […]

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Circa 1920 Crisfield-built buyboat Winnie Estelle joins Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s floating fleet

The historic and the worldly known Chesapeake Bay buy boat “Winnie Estelle” has come to St. Michaels for providing scenic Miles River cruises seafood and other important things.  Actually, Estelle has arrived at Maritime Museum for joining the historic floating fleets of CBMM.  The museum officials said that Estelle has come to replace the replica of Master Jim which […]