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Baltimore Likely To Suffer Years of Negative Economic Impacts After A Few Days of Rioting

As rioters took to the streets in Baltimore following the funeral of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, local politicians and news stations have increasingly become aware of the decades-long civil unrest that allowed the situation to escalate. The arrest and fatal spinal injuries — injuries allegedly inflicted by the arresting officers — of Gray, a black resident […]

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Maryland Police Departments Advise Homeowners to Beware of Home Improvement Scams

With winter finally behind us, it’s the perfect time for many Maryland homeowners to start on some long-anticipated home improvement projects. But before you rush into revamping your house, police departments across Maryland are warning homeowners to be aware of a recent upswing in home improvement scams targeting people across the state. “During the warmer […]

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After Legislative Approval, Tesla Waits for Gov. Hogan’s Signature To Begin Selling Cars Directly To Consumers

Just minutes before Maryland’s General Assembly closed on April 13, Tesla Motors Inc. received the OK to sell its car directly to consumers. As Automotive News has noted, the legislative bill, House Bill 235, still has to be signed into law by Gov. Larry Hogan before it goes into effect. If Gov. Hogan decides to sign HB […]

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Maryland Woman Faces 176 Years in Prison After Running Illegal Assisted-Living Facility

A Maryland woman was found guilty of an array of charges after running an illegal assisted-living facility where the elderly and disabled residents suffered abuse. The Washington Post reports that 33-year-old Zainab Kamara would go to local shelters, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals, to find vulnerable people. She would tell people — some elderly, some disabled — that […]


Harford County’s Dispatch Center Moves Into New Building

One of Maryland’s largest counties has just moved its entire 911 dispatching center to a new location.The Baltimore Sun reports that on March 25th, Harford County’s Department of Emergency Services (DES) will move to a brand-new, 110,000 square-foot building right next to its previous building. Though the new building cost $40 million and was unveiled last […]

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Baltimore Residents’ Water, Sewer Bills Expected to Increase By 15%

For residents and landowners throughout Baltimore County, MD, the cost of water and sewer use is about to become significantly more pricey. In an effort to raise funding for much-needed infrastructural improvements, county officials recently announced their plan to raise rates for water and sewer services by 15% for residents and landowners, a price increase […]