Craft Brewing Company Becomes the First Microbrewery in Someset County

In recent years, microbreweries have become an increasingly popular venture throughout the United States. But while these new businesses have begun popping up around the state of Maryland, they were curiously absent from Somerset Country, as state legislation made the area the only jurisdiction without the authority to issue microbrewery licenses. However, a recent Senate […]

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Social Media Gun Threat Causes Police to Investigate, Lockdown Maryland High School

After an unprecedented number of recent school shootings, law enforcement officers and school officials take even the most seemingly benign rumors very seriously. Last week, Milford Mill Academy, a public high school in Baltimore, MD, was under police investigation and placed on a lockdown lasting several hours, after a report of a gun inside the […]

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State Grant Gives High School Students Introduction Into Technology, Allows Long Distance Learning

Thanks to a recently announced $400,000 Digital Learning Innovation Fund grant, high school students in Somerset County, MD are using tablets to explore long distance learning options. This is especially helpful for those who are ill or unable to attend school due to weather conditions. The grant is specifically designed to blend student instruction with […]