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Suffer From Inflammation? It Might Be Linked To Diabetes, New UMD Study Finds

A new study by the University of Maryland School Of Medicine found that inflammation may have a larger role in Diabetes than once thought. News-Medicalreports that inflammation may impact the body’s ability to metabolize glucose, increasing insulin resistance. The study was originally published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. With 1.4 million Americans diagnosed with Diabetes every year, it […]

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Maryland Is Up To Its Neck In Sewage And Water — Billing Issues, That Is

Throughout the nation, residents rely on the 16,000 operating municipal wastewater treatment facilities to provide clean water to their homes and businesses. But if you happen to live in Maryland, you might have seen some curious increases reflected in your water distribution and sewer bills this year. From Ocean City to Baltimore, wastewater and water […]