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Who’s Leaving Behind All the Trash on Delmarva Rivers and Beaches?


Autumn fly fishing in the lake

The summer recreation season brings in tourists, fish and game enthusiasts, and money for local businesses here in Crisfield, but unfortunately, many of those visitors will leave behind trash and litter when they go. And by summer’s end, many nearby beaches and wetland habitats will be in desperate need of cleaning, just one of the problems facing Delmarva rivers and beaches.
For decades, environmental activists, politicians, and regulators have been trying to coordinate efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. And although there’s little local residents can do to stop agricultural runoff and industrial pollution upstream, this September the public will have the chance to pitch in and help.
The 29th annual Coastal Cleanup will occur on Saturday, September 19 on beaches and riverbanks in Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. This year, Delmarva Power is partnering with other governmental, business, and environmental groups in the Mid-Atlantic seaboard to help clean up local coastlines. The goal is to remove as much trash as possible at 71 different cleanup sites, including Janes Island State Park in Crisfield.
More than 38 million Americans participate in hunting and fishing annually, but they depend on healthy wildlife habitats to do so. At a press conference in Ocean City, Delmarva Power spokesman Matt Likovich urged residents to volunteer for the project and help restore local ecosystems.
“Unfortunately, some people who visit our region’s beaches and rivers over the summer leave behind a lot of trash,” Likovich said. “Add that to the debris that washes ashore and you have the potential for serious pollution. Delmarva Power is proud to sponsor Coastal Cleanup for 25 consecutive years because it reflects the kind of environmental stewardship that is central to our business.”
If you need a little extra incentive to chip in, participants will receive a custom Coastal Cleanup t-shirt, at least while supplies last. If that’s not enough motivation, just remember that last year about 2,300 volunteers picked up 17,000 bags of trash, filled with everything from cigar butts to windshield wipers.
If you’re interested in volunteering for the 29th annual Coastal Cleanup, here’s the contact information for the Crisfield event: Janes Island State Park, Crisfield — 8:30 a.m., Sept. 19, Ranger John Somers, 410-968-1565.

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