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Mutant Lice on the Loose in Maryland


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During their preschool years, children are exposed to basic learning ideas, such as letters, numbers and shapes. In grade school, children are exposed to increasingly advanced teachings.
But now, children in Maryland are at risk of being exposed to something a little more creepy and crawly at school.
According to CBS, a new form of ‘super lice’ is wreaking havoc in schools across Maryland and Virginia.
In general, lice are an obligate ectoparasite of humans that feast on human blood. They are wingless insects that spend the entirety of their lives on the human scalp, where they eventually lay their own eggs.
Because of this, the presence of small egg-like clumps on hair follicles is usually a good indication of head lice.
Unlike regular lice, these ‘super lice’ aren’t responsive to over-the-counter treatments and home remedies. Rather, they just keep returning.
The crawling critters are causing a great deal of problems for children, administrators, and parents alike.
Each year, the National Institutes of Health predict that 6 to 12 million children become infected with lice. Since the ‘super lice’ are proving extremely difficult to kill, exposure is a major issue.
And in fear of either spreading or catching the lice themselves, children are staying home from school.
“The lice are coming back. The children are missing school. They’ve thrown out mattresses, carpeting,” Dawn Boyle of Lice Clinics of America told the local station.
Dr. Michael Zollicoffer, a pediatrician, told the station that while caution is good, parents shouldn’t panic. If the over-the-counter remedies aren’t working, all you have to do is see your doctor for prescription treatment.
And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say not to worry, as lice don’t carry disease. For the most part, all carriers of lice have to worry about is the discomfort involved.
In the eyewitness report, one school nurse tells CBS that children are coming to the nurse’s office, suffering from a lack of sleep due to feeling itchy.


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