Charity Pays Bail For Those Who Need The Help


The video talks about bail and how a new charity service offers to pay bail for people who can’t afford to do so on their own.

Many people are stuck in jail and lose their homes and freedom over a small amount of a few hundred dollars. Many of these individuals are not accused of serious crimes. The jails are overcrowded because of situations like these, in addition to other situations. Some people end up in challenging places, such as Riker’s Island, due to the lack of a small bail amount.

Video Source

The Brooklyn Community Bail Fund is an organization that pays bail for people who cannot afford it. The organization has already helped more than 1,800 people get out of harsh jail conditions as they await their hearings. One example of someone they helped was a 16-year-old boy who was locked up because someone had accused him of stealing a pair of sneakers. Time in harsh jails can change such a person’s entire life. Therefore, the organization ensures that it helps people like that get out of jail so that they can return to their families on bail bonds until they can go through their cases appropriately. Not all people accused of crimes are guilty. This organization most likely spares many people from unnecessary strain and stress.

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