Do You Need Pest Prevention or Pest Control


Pest prevention and pest control might seem like they mean the same thing, but they are actually quite different. This video gives a brief breakdown of the key differences.

Pest prevention is a proactive approach to keep pests out of a facility and pest control is a reactive response.

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Pest Control is the application of pesticides, whether needed or not, to control or eliminate pest infestation in & around the home. You’ve seen it for years. In some cases, it’s exactly what you expect; a service technician comes into your home on a regular basis and sprays something along the baseboards.

Effective long-term pest control involves a scheduled pest management program. Whereas pest extermination typically provides an immediate solution to an immediate pest problem, pest control is your better choice. Stopping termites before your home endures major structural damage greatly reduces the cost of termite control. Likewise, advanced bed bug prevention is far less expensive than bed bug extermination. While pest prevention does require a bigger investment of time, people and resources on the front end, once the system is in place it becomes second nature and lessens a facility’s pest exposure.

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