Implicit Bias in Policing


Implicit bias refers to the unconscious thoughts or actions that we have toward a specific group of people. You can see implicit bias when dealing with skin color, ethnicity, or gender identity. Implicit bias in policing is an important area of focus because police officers are supposed to be an unbiased part of our legal system. Let’s take a closer look at implicit bias in policing.

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It’s important to note that implicit bias may form based on the environment that we grow up in. If you live in an area that is not very diverse, you might see more bias towards other people. This bias can be seen in police offers through the way that they deal with people. As a society, we must do what we can to get rid of this bias.

To fight implicit bias police officers must go through special training. In this training, they not only learn about implicit bias, but they also learn to recognize when they are practicing it themselves. The fact that the bias is unconscious means it’s hard to fight, however, if you are able to recognize it you may be able to get rid of it little by little.


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