This Minecraft Mod Adds Target Dummies


Plenty of mods are updating to Minecraft‘s newest 1.19 version. It won’t be long before many of your favorite mods are available and ready to play.

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One of the mods that has already updated is the Target Dummy mod. This mod is fairly simple. However, the attention to detail is incredible. Watch this video to learn more.

The Target Dummy mod adds but one item. This item is the target dummy to nobody’s surprise. However, you may be surprised how interesting this item can be. It is crafted with a haybale on an armor stand. The dummy can then be given different sets of armor or even mob heads. However, this is for more than decoration. When you hit the target dummy with a weapon or projectile, it displays the damage value applied to the armor stand. Yet, it is not simply the base damage value of the weapon. It is this damage value as modified by the armor and mob head that is shown. for example, armor with protection will decrease the attack value displayed. Meanwhile, a sword with the bane of arthropods enchantment will do more damage to the target dummy if the target dummy is wearing a spider head. Of course, this is all for science as the Dummy does not have durability. You can slap it as many times as you want!


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