Should You Consider Becoming an Office 365 Provider?


Do you work as an independent IT provider? Are you looking for ways to expand your business? This video provides insight into the duties and tasks of a Microsoft Office 365 provider.

If you work in the IT field, you’re no doubt aware of the necessity of Microsoft Office 365. Companies that use this software must partner with reliable support service companies.

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As a provider, you’ll need to deliver many different solutions and services.

To be competitive, you’ll need to make a price promise. If you charge less than Microsoft itself, you’re likely to get more clients. Rolling monthly contracts are preferable over long-term tie-ins; you’ll be more competitive if you offer your clients 30-day rolling contracts.

You should allow your clients to choose their hosting locations. Clients prefer to have a say about where their Microsoft data is stored. Your clients will expect you to partner with them for set-up and migration. You must also offer expert support, while referring certain issues to Microsoft. This level of support includes managing changes to your clients’ software and keeping Office 365 up and running smoothly.

You now have all the information required to decide whether you should become a Microsoft Office 365 provider.


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