What Are c19 to c20 Power Cords?


You probably have many cords and wires in your house such as C20 powers cords but might not be familiar with its use. The Youtube video “C19 To C20 Power Cord” shows this kind of cord in detail, and here we’ll tell you what is, how it’s used, and why should always keep one at home or at the office. Let’s find out more!

In the video, the camera pans to a power cord consisting of a C20 male on one end which connects to a C19 female on the other end. Normally, these types of cords are used to connect a server to a PDU in a data center. Sometimes, it’s used to connect routers, network switches, and more.

Video Source

So, you might see it mostly in office environments, but some people have some at home too because it’s versatile.

Additionally, it’s made with ETL inner plastic molds to ensure that everything remains in place and there are no connection issues. Furthermore, each end is meant to fit snuggly with the receiving ends. It’s also 100% HVT tested and checked before delivery.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about C20 power cords.


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