Fundamental Refrigeration Tools


If you’re planning to hire a service to maintain or repair your refrigeration systems, you should keep reading. The Youtube video “Tools and Equipment Used in Refrigeration System” has all the information you need in terms of what a technician should have in order to complete their work. Let’s find out more!

Remember that you should only hire licensed technicians for the maintenance of your system. They’ll have the proper refrigeration tools to avoid any mishandling that could cause more damage to your items. These mechanics should have screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers so they can work properly.

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Other tools include tube processing options such as tube cutters, flaring tools, swaging tools, and bending tools. They should have a vacuuming and charging station, which includes a vacuum pump, charging station, and refrigerant cylinders.

They also need electrical test meters such as voltmeter or wattmeter, ohmmeter or megger, and ammeter. Mechanical testing tools are vital as well, and they consist of gauge manifolds, thermometers, and test kits. Among their refrigeration materials, they should have copper and aluminum tubing, refrigerants, and refrigeration oils. Refrigerant trainers might also come in handy.

Refrigerator technicians need many different tools to do their jobs. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about refrigeration tools.


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