What Does Cured-In-Place Piping Mean?


A cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) is a method of repair for pipelines. The process entails creating a lining to repair a pipe that is already showing signs of wear and tear. Cured-in-place pipes are used to repair a number of different kinds of pipelines, such as sewage, gas, water, and even some chemical pipes.

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To repair a pipeline with cured-in-place pipes, a lining is inserted into the pipe that needs to be repaired. A resin is used and then dried with a curing agent to ensure that the CIPP attaches to the interior properly. Once the lining is dried, or cured, the lining serves as the new pipeline.

In this video, you can see how the process works and how cured-in-place pipes can help repair pipes without a full pipe repair. This video shows how sometimes pipes can be eroded or experience damage, but that a cured-in-place pipe can resolve the problem. Advanced Pipe Repair indicates here how pipes can be repaired in lieu of having the homeowner’s property dismantled to replace pipelines experiencing structural damage. Call Advanced Pipe Repair if you have pipelines in need of repair that could benefit from this simple pipe repair solution.

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