Get to Know Erosion Control


“Construction Fast Facts: Erosion Control” is a video narrated by Taylor of the Bagley College of Engineering at Mississippi State University. The video is short and intended for people without a construction background. However, it helps the average person recognize examples of erosion control methods they have seen many times but did not understand their purpose.

The video shows and describes different methods of erosion control at construction sites. The purpose of erosion control measures is to keep dirt or silt from running into nearby streams or other bodies of water.

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Taylor shows that erosion control specialists apply different methods depending on the conditions. One common method is the silt fence, the short black fabric barriers often kept in place by wooden stakes.

Some applications require more elaborate erosion control methods, such as when building a bridge over a stream. In those cases, erosion control specialists may recommend erosion mats made of concrete and synthetic fabrics to limit erosion in the path of or near the bridge.

At other times, the site may need permanent erosion control measures, so lined concrete channels or stone “riprap” is applied near bridges or culverts.

To learn more, consult the video we have linked above!.

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