What Is Bioconcentration?


For curious folks interested in biology or students currently taking a biology class, the term ” bioconcentration” may come up in lectures or learning materials. As the video “What does bioconcentration mean?” by the channel What Does That Mean? describes, that “bioconcentration” can be defined as “any process that leads to a higher concentration of a substance in an organism than in its environment.” In the case of aquatic toxicology, this can refer to an aquatic creature’s respiration of a toxic substance like harmful chemicals through the water.

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For land animals, this may involve a bird, mammal, or other creature inhaling the toxin from the surrounding air.

Bioconcentration poses a threat to land and aquatic organisms for several reasons. Firstly, as predators consume prey who have experienced bioconcentration, they may become ill or even die. Secondly, creatures who have undergone an increased concentration of a toxin in their body will suffer from the devastating effects of this substance. The impact this may have on the environment over time is impossible for environmentalists to ignore.

Once we know what bioconcentration is, we can take steps to tackle it. When you need to learn more about this process, reach out to an agricultural science company today.

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