Exploding Propane Tank Send Edgewater Garage Up in Flames


An Edgewater, MD, home went up in flames on Sunday, April 17, after a propane tank exploded inside of the home’s garage.

According to officials, one of three 250-tanks exploded in the garage area at 2:30 p.m., while two people were in the vicinity. No injuries were reported.

The explosion resulted in a brush fire next to the Edgewater residence.

Around the vicinity of the home, neighbors and residents were alarmed by the blast.

“Me and my grandfather were going into the driveway when we heard a loud explosion,” neighbor Lucas Lester recalled. “The garage wasn’t going to make it. The flames were indescribable. It was pretty hectic.”

Bianca Ianicelli, another neighbor, was just waking up when she heard the explosion.

“I heard this really loud boom and it shook my house and I went outside and I heard a bunch of little booms and there were all these cars going that way and somebody was yelling fire,” she said. “I was just kind of hoping and praying that nobody was hurt and that everybody was OK.”

According to fire officials, the two individuals inside were working on a car before the blast occurred.

“Upon arrival the first fire units found heavy fire conditions in a detached two-car garage,” Anne Arundel County Fire Department spokesman Lt. Craig Oldershaw said. “Apparently the people inside the garage realized something had gone wrong quickly exited the garage and made a call to 911.”

fire extinguisher

National statistics report that 8.1 million households use propane, with 4.6% of these homes utilizing it as their main heating source. That being said, homeowners need to be diligent in preventing propane gas explosions and fires.

Experts recommend that homeowners keep their propane tanks away from the primary living area. That way, in case of emergency, the explosion will be less likely to put residents in danger.

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