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Fire At Alexandria Hotel Is Successfully Contained By Sprinkler System


Fire might not be something that many people think of very often, but it is a danger that is always present. One of the best ways to prepare to put out fires quickly is by having fire alarm sprinkler heads in your building. These sprinklers are made to respond quickly and to drench the fire in water. That’s why these are often called a fire drencher system. These systems make it possible for everyone to vacate the building immediately rather than trying to battle the blaze.

There are fire sprinkler classes that can help you to understand how these sprinkler systems work and how they are maintained and used. A fast response sprinkler can save lives and is an invaluable part of a building’s safety protocol. A fire alarm water sprinkler allows people to pull a lever when there is a fire so that the water goes to work immediately to start soaking the fire in water. This is a quick way to get flames to die down instead of spreading quickly through the building. It is no guarantee, however. It’s always important to leave the building immediately when the fire alarm sounds so that no one gets hurt or trapped.



UPDATED 11/24/2020

Hotels and motels sustain millions of dollars in fire damage and property loss every year. Whether it’s an irresponsible guest or another cause of the fire, it’s important to have fire insurance and do everything you can so to prevent a fire.

To do this, you need a fire detection alarm system. This will alert guests and employees that there is a fire and to safely evacuate the building. For a list of fire detection devices for hotels, do a quick Google search and read the reviews. But fire detection isn’t just for hotels and motels, it’s for homes, too. After all, this is where millions of dollars in damage also occurs.

A fire sprinkler system design is perfect for residential and commercial properties alike. This will work to put out a fire as soon as it is started. Home fire alarm monitoring is designed to keep you and your family safe. To find out more about home fire and security systems, contact your local service provider. You can never be too safe when it comes to the threat of fire.

During an evening thunderstorm on Friday, Sept. 7, a lightning strike started a fire at a local hotel in Alexandria, Virginia. According to the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, the fire displaced 50 guests, but no injuries were reported as a result of the blaze.

The hotel that was at the receiving end of the unlucky bolt of lightning was the Fairfield Inn and Suites By Marriott, located on Route 1. A manager of the hotel made the call to 911 when he heard the lightning strike. The hotel lost power after the lightning hit, which activated the fire and smoke alarms.

When firefighters arrived, there was no smoke or fire visible from the outside. They encountered smoke once they made it to a hallway on the third floor of the building, which was its top floor. The teams of firefighters were able to track down the actual fire to a mechanical room on the roof. It had spread only to the attics and some of the walls between rooms on the third floor.

According to the fire department, the hotel’s fire sprinkler system was the savior in containing the two-alarm inferno and assisting guests in a safe evacuation. There were 25 rooms occupied at the time of the fire, but the sprinklers near the location of the fire were able to effectively limit its spread.

hotel fire sprinkler system

While everyone was able to exit the building safely, the hotel sustained about $65,000 in damages. Across the country each year, hotel and motel fires result in $76 million in property loss. As buildings classified as mixed-use properties, with their sleeping rooms, restaurants, stores, meeting spaces, and more, hotels are prime spots for fires to spread if left unchecked by sprinklers.

According to data from the National Fire Incident Reporting System and the NFPA Fire Experience Survey gathered between 2009 and 2013, U.S. fire departments responded to an average of 3,520 structure fires in hotels and motels each year, making up about 1% of all structure fires. The data also shows that cooking equipment accounts for half of all fires in hotels and motels, making the lightning strike at the Alexandria hotel an anomaly of Mother Nature.


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