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Fort Jackson Drill Sergeant Launches Fashion Line


Old combat boots, dog tags, and helmet with American flagThe average American woman has 30 outfits, a dramatic increase from the average in 1950 of just nine. But women may now have to make more room in their closets, because a new fashion line just dropped, and not from any ordinary designer.

Sergeant Candice Saxon can be found most days lacing up her boots to prepare to lead her unit as an Army drill sergeant at Fort Jackson. But in her spare time, Saxon picks up a needle and thread to develop her new women’s apparel line.

“My family was all Navy or Army,” she explained. “I was inspired by that at a young age. I graduated high school early and left for the army as a firefighter.”

She also worked as a 911 dispatcher, which was where she discovered another meaningful calling.

“We have downtime during that job and I would just sit and look at clothes online like any regular girl,” she said. “But at some point I started to think I’m going to do this, I’m going to pursue this.”

And she did. Saxon’s new bridal line launched in late May and continues to wow fashion lovers.

Saxon admits her creative passion decreased in the last decade, but she said settling in Columbia helped renew her interest in fashion. She initially attended the Art Institute of Seattle in Washington and then finished her studies in Charlotte in December.

Saxon credits the personal growth and determination she gained in the United States Army as the driving force that led her to the creation of her design company. She says it’s made her tough and resilient — qualities that a great soldier and a great designer as well.

So much so, in fact, that companies have begun to develop and market bullet-proof clothing for high-profile travelers.

The future of fashion now includes designs catered to world travelers, including those visiting high risk and exotic areas, who are faced with new threats on a daily basis.

Executives, politicians, celebrities and high-profile individuals now have the option of a wide variety of bulletproof garments, which provide a revolutionary safety barrier. The development of such clothing now includes highly stylized and contemporary fashion for travelers.

Though Saxon’s line is not incorporating bulletproof technology into its wares, she still attributes her drive to the people who do wear bulletproof vests in combat.

“The army got me to where I am today and gave me all the tools to start building this company,” she said. “That just transitioned into me as a leader being someone who can run a business.”

Saxon is crushing stereotypes in both the military and the fashion industry with her passion. She says her clothes are “inspired by love,” and she hopes they make wearers happy.

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