Maryland Native and Designer Launches New Line of Bedding Curated Just for Men


Plush soft tone pillows on bedA renowned designer from Maryland has taken his talents to the bedding industry, creating a new line of stylish and comfortable linens designed exclusively for men.

According to GQ, fashion designer David Hart noticed that most men still have unstyled apartments that resemble dorm rooms. Using his expertise, he decided to design bedding products made from natural fabrics for the stylistically-challenged men of today.

Hart launched his new line of organic sheets and duvet covers on Thread Experiment, an online marketplace of bedding curated just for men. His Maryland upbringing is obvious in one of his most popular designs, which features a pattern of anchors strewn on the sheet set.

“I looked back at some of my favorite patterns from past collections and put together this great Southwestern-themed sheet set and then another set that’s nautical inspired. I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland, right by the Naval Academy, and I grew up being on the water a lot where people were sailing all the time. So I love that type of iconography of the anchor and I thought it would be great as a sheet set,” Hart said.

Despite his design background, Hart understands that the comfort of bedding is much more important than its aesthetic quality. When asked what he has on his bed at home, the designer is quick to point out that his organic bedding makes for the perfect night’s sleep.

“I use all natural fibers, 100% cotton or 100% linen, and a great merino wool throw blanket. I’m not big into satin or shiny finishes. I prefer matte bedding,” Hart said.

Linen bed sheets make it seem as though the temperature has dropped by about 4°-5°C, and designers often use the fabric for clothing as well. According to the popular blog Fodor’s Travel, linen is also ideal for warm-weather clothing, and people wearing linen have been found to show a skin temperature about 3° 4°C below their silk or cotton-wearing friends.

Hart added that he hopes his line will help men become more comfortable talking about bedding with their buddies.

“It’s exciting how much guys care about this stuff now, when it used to not really be cool to talk about bedding, or like going to the farmer’s market and eating healthy. This is something new for guys to geek out on aside from their clothing,” Hart said.

While organic linen bedding may not replace fantasy football in the conversations of most men, Hart has certainly made Maryland proud with his latest line of products.

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