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Port Of Baltimore Honored For A Commitment To Environmenalism


Empty road and containers in harbor at sunsetWhen it comes to the most eco-friendly industries, shipping and cargo might not usually make the list. But one Maryland port has set itself apart with its green practices. Patch reports that the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore has been named a “Green Supply Chain Partner” by Inbound Logistics magazine.

Adding to the list of environmental accomplishments, the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Port Administration’s (MDOT MPA) Environmental Management System has officially earned re-certification under the International Organization for Standardization’s new Environmental Management standard. This means that the port will intentionally be more proactive with environmental initiatives, as well as leadership and communication to support that.

“The Port of Baltimore continues to break records while striving to reach the highest environmental standards,” Governor Larry Hogan said in a statement, according to Patch. “The Port has successfully balanced moving our state’s economy forward while protecting our natural resources and improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay.”

And protecting the environment requires more updated and efficient materials. While the average shipping container lasts 25 years on averageand requires minimal maintenance, the port has recently replaced their equipment with new models. According to Patch, a Disel Emissions Reduction Act grant allowed the port to replace over 170 cargo-transporting dray trucks with clean diesel models.

Port Of Baltimore Remains An Economic Staple

The port is an integral part of the Maryland economy, generating about 13,650 jobs, according to Patch. Over 127,000 are indirectly linked to the port, and combined these activities directly generate more than $3 billion in wages and $310 million in state and local taxes.

In the past year, the port ushered about 31 million tons of international cargo valued at about $49 billion. And as this top-ranked port grows in economic and environmental importance, it will only have a bigger impact on the international shipping industry.

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