‘Terps For Trump’ Trash Treasured Turtle at University of Maryland


United States Election Vote Button.University of Maryland’s sacred statue, Testudo the Turtle, was claimed and garnished earlier this week by a troupe of Donald Trump supporters.

The 80-year-old statue wears a red “Make American Great Again” baseball cap, and scattered at his feet are Oreos, a dollar bill, and a copy of the presidential candidate’s book Trump: The Art of the Deal.

This merry band of political provocateurs was identified as a student group who call themselves the “Terps For Trump.” Their pro-Trump sidewalk chalk art has been discovered all around the campus.

Maryland students are quite dismayed by the political message and have expressed their grievances via Twitter. One student tweeted, “How dare someone do that to Testudo with that #MakeAmericaGreatAgain/Trump propaganda?”; another posted, “Whoever wrote ‘terps for trump’ and ‘trump 2016’ is a disgrace to this university.”

Considering that Maryland is the number one most Democratic state in the country, this sudden show of support for Trump came as a shock for many people. Testudo the Turtle certainly did not consent to represent the Republican forerunner. If anything, his bald bronze head is actually far more akin to that of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

In fact, a good portion of the American public has serious doubts about Donald Trump’s hair. He consistently denies that it is a toupee, but many find that hard to believe. As many as 85% of men have thinning hair by age 50, and Trump seems to still have a full head of yellow hair at 69 years of age. What do the “Terps for Trump” have to say about that long-unsolved mystery?

Testudo, with his bald head and shiny bronze back, is not a stranger to vandalism, as it turns out. University of Maryland students have a time-honored tradition of loading him up with potato chip bags, cigarette cartons, and other miscellaneous trash during finals week.

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