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Chesapeake Bay Still Recovering From Pollution, Environmental Damage

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The environment of the Chesapeake Bay region, which has long been plagued by pollution and overfishing, is slowly recovering — but still suffers from a steadily growing population and the increased threats of rising sea levels, warmer water temperatures and expanding urban development, reports show.

According to a February 3 Reuters article, the 2013-14 environmental health snapshot also reveals concerning problems such as a greater than 50% drop in the region’s blue crab population — a sign that the country’s largest estuary still has a ways to go in its recovery efforts that first began in the mid-1980s after decades of unchecked pollution.

Urban areas and farms are two of the biggest culprits for putting pollutants into the ecosystem. It’s possible that stricter state regulations are necessary to combat this pollution.

However, change can’t just come at a legislative level — every individual in the area will need to pitch in for this crucial ecosystem to reach a full recovery.

One way the Chesapeake Bay region’s business owners could help out? Advertising with car wraps, currently one of the most efficient — and eco-friendly — methods of marketing outdoors available.

According to a January 28¬†WebWire¬†article, it’s been scientifically proven that vehicle wraps have no discernible negative impacts on ecosystems. The chemicals that are used to create these advertisements aren’t harmful substances, and don’t create any harmful by-products or gases.

The environment isn’t the only thing car wraps respect, either — when removed from a vehicle after the end of their lifespan, these vinyl graphics leave behind no damage to the paint jobs on which they were applied.

It might seem like a small change, but if everyone were to make enough small changes in their daily routines, the Chesapeake — with all its fish, animal and plant life — might someday become as healthy as it should be.

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