Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate Announces the Formation of Business Advisory Council


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On Tuesday, Maryland gubernatorial candidate and current Lieutenant Governor Anthony G. Brown emphasized his commitment to developing business in the state by announcing the formation of a business advisory council, which will guide his campaign in efforts to attract more businesses to Maryland and retain them.

The current Lieutenant Governor’s business council was created after a series of meetings Brown and his running mate, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, held with some of the state’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. The final council includes 116 Maryland business leaders who are endorsing Brown, a Democrat, for governor.

In a statement, Brown said, “Working with business owners, both big and small, the Brown-Ulman Administration will nurture economic growth and development with targeted tax relief for entrepreneurs, manufacturers and small and mid-size businesses.”

Small business development has been at the forefront of many state agendas. Small business expansion often leads to job growth and economic improvement, but it can be difficult for entrepreneurs to get started without state help.

Many small businesses don’t have the funds to purchase the technology or marketing services necessary to make themselves competitive in today’s largely online market. Google owns about 60-75% of the entire search engine market, and companies that can’t rank on the popular search engine may not get the business they need.

Ostensibly, Brown is running on a pro-business campaign, but his Republican competitor Larry Hogan has criticized Brown for his participation in an administration that drove businesses to other states by adding several new taxes.

According to the Washington Post, Brown fired back by pointing out that Hogan would give “tax handouts to the biggest corporations,” while Brown’s administration aims to provide support to small and midsize companies.

To further emphasize his focus on small business, Brown announced the council at a small pottery-painting business called Pottery Cove, in Catonsville. Both Vice President Joe Biden and former President Bill Clinton have appeared at fundraisers for Brown to show support for his campaign.


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