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Mayor of Baltimore to Spend $10 Million on Trash Cans for Pest Control


UPDATED 12/21/20

Waste removal service comes with a unique set of problems that need to be solved. This was exemplified when the city of Baltimore spent thousands of dollars on pest control measures to keep rats and other vermin out of their waste and garbage cans. Sometimes extra trash removal is needed and other times more equipment has to be purchased. If you’re unsure what to do with your waste in order to keep your area clean and healthy, you should find trash service and talk to the agency in charge of garbage can pickup in your community. Sometimes these will be public utilities, other times they’ll be private organizations. If you want to find this information, the easiest way is to look it up online. Search “garbage disposal services in my area” on your search engine of choice and it will bring up some answers for you. Call them, ask about whatever problem you happen to have, and follow their instructions. When waste is disposed of efficiently and promptly, it helps keep the community clean and healthy.

Individuals who live in the city of Baltimore understand how important daily trash removal is, as without it their back alleys can quickly look like a garbage dump. Unfortunately, before the city spent money on these specialized trash cans, some city residents could not afford their own large cans. If their cans were damaged or stolen, it was difficult to account for the expense of another trash can. Now that everyone has high-quality cans assigned to their house numbers and supplied by disposable waste management, it’s easier than ever to get trash removed correctly.

Dumpster collection also helps keep streets neat and clean, limiting the rodent population and ensuring that the streets are cleaner and healthier. An ongoing disposal truck route also helps with street cleanliness so that everyone can enjoy their neighborhood without the streets being strewn with trash and rats roaming about. Overall, this initiative helps to keep the city clean and allows residents to take care of their trash quickly and effectively, limiting the rodent population and keeping everyone happy and healthy.

All thanks to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who announced a new $10 million plan to purchase large, durable trash cans for every household in the city area. This is part of a method to better control the city’s problem with rat infestations, and to help prevent the injury of sanitation workers.

House mice are one of the most troublesome pests for a homeowner, as they are difficult to capture, and riddled with bacteria. To recognize a mouse infestation, look for droppings, tracks, or signs of gnawing. A house mouse produces between 40 and 100 droppings per day, which are usually found in areas such as the pantry or kitchen. Similarly, rats leave just as many droppings and carry the same diseases — and then some (e.g. Rat Bite Fever).

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The trash cans each hold 64 gallons of waste, will be equipped with two wheels, a tight fitting lid, and a tracking device. The Baltimore Sun reports that the trashcans are expected to be distributed to Baltimore homes by early next year, at no cost to residents.

The idea originally came from a pilot program launched a year ago, which provided over 9,000 trash cans to homes in the Belair-Edison and Mondawmin areas. Since the program was launched, calls for rat extermination in the area have dropped almost 75%, and there were fewer reported worker accidents.

“The results of the pilot confirmed what we thought,” Says Mayor Rawlings-Blake. “Well-designed, well-built trash cans are easy for citizens to use and are easier for our solid-waste crews to handle.”

Officials say they are still looking for a vendor for the 210,000 trash cans. The project will also include the retrofitting of lifts on city garbage trucks, which will reduce injuries among sanitation workers. Mayor Rawlings-Blake believes the savings from exterminating fewer rats and reduced workers compensation programs will offset the costs of the program.

Garbage removal services help keep everyone safe. When people aren’t able to get consistent garbage collection, they’re more likely to have problems with pests and other hazards. Independent disposal services can certainly make a difference. People often depend on local waste removal services.andnbsp;

local waste removal services

A local waste trash service is convenient enough for most people to use. In areas where people have to get to the local landfill personally, it’s common for garbage to pile up quickly. Not everyone owns a car or truck, and not all people can operate motor vehicles. Some areas have unreliable public transportation services, and people can’t bring large bags of trash with them on the bus.

It’s difficult to bring almost anything on the bus in general. People certainly need access to cars if they’re trying to get to a landfill. Personal trash pickup services are much more convenient and efficient for everyone, including the people who could get to the local landfill relatively easily. When something happens to services like this, it can cause a lot of issues for the entire community. On the other hand, adding recycling services and similar programs can do a lot to help these areas.


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