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Inside the Growing Trend of Free Tattoos at Parties


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Handing out party favors to guests is one of the most long-standing traditions that hosts observe whenever they hold an event.

Few party hosts ever imagined giving out party favors like these, however.

According to an Aug. 31 Washingtonian article, Revolution Event Design and Production’s recent Tattoos and Tassels relaunch party featured a real-life tattoo lounge — where willing guests could get inked for free.

Three tattoo artists from Have Fun Be Lucky, a licensed tattoo parlor in the Baltimore area, provided tattoos to attendees. Time slots for tattoos filled up an hour and a half after the party started.

Currently, about one in five adults across the U.S. has one or more tattoos, meaning there has never been a better time for this idea to take off. And when tattoos typically cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, getting inked at no charge is undeniably enticing.

Revolution Event Design and Production is far from the first company to host events with free tattoo bars. In the past, Pabst Blue Ribbon enlisted Have Fun Be Lucky for a free tattoo bar at one of its corporate events; companies like ASOS and Red Bull have also jumped on the pop-up tattoo parlor trend for its events.

“We were just looking to do something new and different,” said Danny Tippett, assistant producer at Revolution Event Design and Production. “Since it was a warehouse party, it sort of made sense.”

Although the Baltimore City Health Department bans mobile tattoo parlors, Have Fun Be Lucky owner Lathe-Vitale explained that because Have Fun Be Lucky’s tattoos were free, the artists’ work technically counted as an exhibition.

Additionally, to prevent tattoo incidents involving intoxicated attendees’ lack of judgment, Lathe-Vitale requires all participants to sign a consent form and show identification while still sober. At the Tattoos and Tassels event, Lathe-Vitale said he turned down several tattoo requests that didn’t seem well-thought-out.

“You don’t want to get an impulse tattoo,” he said.

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