Official Grand Opening of New Fairfield Marriott a Luxurious Sight


One step inside the new Marriott Fairfield Inn and Suites Easton, and it’s clear to see they made a point to embrace the Eastern Shore culture. According to The Star Democrat, the Marriott made its official grand opening at a ribbon cutting ceremony on April 6, after already making a soft opening back in December. One of the hotel’s main priorities was blending in to the distinct culture of the area.chesapeake bay

“We’re very fortunate with this property because our company spent a lot of time and effort and energy making sure that this hotel maintained Marriott standards,” said Waitman Vanorsdale, the hotel’s general manager. “In addition to making sure that we met the needs of our community, that the hotel matches our area and that we fit in.”

Construction on the $11 million hotel began in the fall of 2014. One of the first things visitors notice when they walk in is the custom carpet, which resembles a map of where Chesapeake waters meet the Shore. This sort of geographical theme is used throughout the complex. The hallways are adorned with photographs of different areas of the Eastern Shore.

“We really wanted to create something different from the marketplace here,” said Chad Hill, vice president of Hill Hospitality, which is part owner of the Fairfield. “It’s the first Marriott property in Talbot County. When you walk in the front door, we wanted to create something spectacular.”

The hotel features all the common luxury amenities found in high-end hotels, including a fitness center, conference rooms, and even a chlorine-free pool. Ozone (03) is 3,000 times more effective than chlorine in breaking down contaminants, but the Fairfield chose to go with a saltwater pool. There are 82 rooms in total in the hotel and 18 suites.

Dr. David Hill, Chad’s father and part owner of the new Fairfield franchise, emphasized that this project is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication to the area.

“This didn’t happen overnight. This is something that’s been evolving and emerging over many, many years, and the location is so incredible here,” David Hill said during the ribbon cutting. “We’re just so fortunate to work with the Gannon family and all of our investors.”

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