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Bar With Free Shot Per U.S. Goal Deal Gets Shook When U.S. Beats Thailand 13-0


Everyone loves a good drink special. Happy hour is crowded for a reason. Between 71% and 73% of Millennials, love a good drink or two. Be it beer, wine, or liquor, a good deal at a bar is always worth a shot. Or 13 shots? Seems excessive, maybe?

Miami bar American Social Brickell, a United States Women’s and Men’s Soccer supporter establishment and chapter gathering spot of U.S. National soccer support group American Outlaws Miami, offered free shots for every goal scored by the U.S. Women’s team during their opening World Cup match against Thailand. For every single person watching. Soccer, a historically low scoring sport, usually doesn’t see many goals in a single match, so it’s typically a fair deal. And then there was this match day. In a similar way that 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business had it not been for their sign, this special was known to only the die-hard soccer fans. And they most definitely got their money’s worth.

Shattering the record of most goals scored in a single match in both men’s and women’s World Cup history, the United States ladies trounced Thailand and the score was 13-0 when the final whistle blew. Ten of those goals were scored in the second half.

“Yes, we do this for every US game. No, we didn’t run out of shots (barely),” American Outlaws Miami wrote on Facebook.

They obviously weren’t predicting the score that panned out and had to cut the promotion off a little early. You know, for health reasons. Most Americans drink 1.64 cups of coffee per day, nobody should be drinking 13 shots in a day. Let alone in a two-hour time span. The manager instead invited everyone back to the next match for a round on the house.

“What a historic performance! All USA soccer fans had a great time at all of our restaurants and we will continue to cheer on the USWNT team to – hopefully – another World Cup throughout the summer. Our ‘free shots’ promotion is not meant to be taken literally, especially when records are shattered. No one expected this, so instead of passing around shots, we have welcomed our patrons back for a round on us during the match vs Chile on Sunday,” Paul Greenberg, Managing Partner, American Social said.

The viewing parties will continue as the U.S. Women’s team is favored to win the World Cup again. Gird your livers, viewers. It looks like the ladies are on the warpath and we are here for it.

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