Hurricane Winds and Rain Leave Residents Assessing Home Damage


Hurricane season is once again upon us46476928_Subscription_S as a recent wave of severe storms left citizens on both coasts assessing damage to their homes from heavy winds and rain.

After Hurricane Arthur wreaked havoc up and down the east coast, Maryland was battered by another particularly harsh set of storm systems that left thousands without power. As residents attempted to bring order back to their communities, many faced major home repairs in the aftermath of the storms.

With all sorts of structural damage to homes and other buildings, local home repair businesses were kept busy.

According to Piccadilly Square Chimney Sweeps owner Dennis Barnes, these types of storms involving heavy winds and fallen trees can be very damaging to chimneys. He added that, should you suspect damage to your chimney, a professional chimney cleaner can provide a thorough inspection of your entire chimney and fireplace.

Aside from structural damage, flooding water damage is another inevitable factor that effects homes in the wake of a hurricane. Hurricane Iselle, which recently struck Hawaii, brought heavy rain and flooding to many parts of archipelago. There were reports of flooding on the main island, as some areas recorded more than a foot of rain.

Water damage is not only destructive, but very expensive. A recent study showed that in 2014, the cost of repairing a water–damaged home is about $11 per square foot. Experts recommend preventing these types of expenses by preparing your home for stormy weather. Waterproofing your basement keeps water out and can save you from expensive repairs.

With hurricane season just heating up, coastal states are likely to see more rain, wind and, unfortunately, destruction. Citizens are reminded to stay up to date on their local weather and follow the advice of officials in order to prevent injuries and death.

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