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Crisfield accountant sentenced in client thefts


Chris Sterling who took money of his clients has been directed to pay $45,370 in restitution. Somerset District Court judge who heard this case has sentenced 5 years imprisonment to the accountant.  Dan Powell the Somerset County State’s Attorney has said that “the judge of the Somerset District Court directed Sterling to repay $22,835 to Liberty Rock Church and $22,535 to businessman Tom Farina with immediate effect.  Dan further said that Sterling -who had accounting business in Crisfield-, has returned some money and pledged to return more very soon.

Furthermore, Powell opined that this case had been prosecuted by an assistant state’s attorney from Talbot County Henry Dove because other members had some vested interests in the case and they might have manipulated the facts.

According to the court documents, Sterling was first booked in August for forging the 93 checks of the amount $56,830 and he was second time booked in December for giving 29 bounce checks to the clients.

On the other hand, the police record claims that Farina had reported Maryland State Police after the bounce of two checks. A senior official of the police said on the condition of anonymity that “Sterling was habitual of stealing money and he had been charged 2 times in the just 6 months of 2010 year”.

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